What capacity of the tank to choose for my car?
Capacity selection depends on the individual customer's preference and many other factors, but primarily from the required storage space. Please measure the available space in the place where the tank will be mounted and select the proper model and size in tank’s selector.

What is the lifetime of LPG tank?
Tank’s expiry date is 10 years from the production date marked on id-plate.

Does the installation require any changed in car chassis?
Not needed. The weight of LPG tanks is usually between 10 and 60 kg.

Operational use of LPG tanks

Is it possible to fill-up the tank up to the capacity indicated on id-plate?
The tank can be filled only to 80% of the value stated on the id-plate. All tanks are equipped with filling valves to prevent from excessive refueling.

What to do with a tank, which was slightly dented in a car bump?
Undoubtedly such tank must be replaced by an authorized service of LPG installation.


Is it possible to do some reworks on LPG tanks e.g. welding brackets?
No! This is very dangerous. It would cause the loss of warranty and may even cause explosion.

Is it possible to install Stako tanks with other equipment the other than those mentioned in the tank’s certificate?
No. The tanks are approved only with the valves that are enlisted in tank’s certificate.